Papergang Box #6 Unboxing

It arrived and I’m just so happy about it. I finally got my Papergang subscription box in the post.

Papergang is created by Ohh Dear. Each month you will receive a box filled with stationary and paper goodies.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate this great marble pattern on the box. It’s sooooo pretty. I feel like I need to keep it forever!


When you open the box you see it all wrapped beautiful in this pretty blue coloured tissue paper. On top is this Papergang iron on patch. It will look so cute on the pocket of my denim jacket. I shall wear it with pride everywhere I go!


In this months box you get an A3 blue marble quarter bound notebook, copper wash tape, a greeting card, and a riso printed calendar.

If you would like to subscribe to this box then you can do so by clicking here. The price of the box is only £9.95 a month plus just under £2 for shipping. You can also choose a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription which will allow you to save a little bit of money.

If you love stationary as much as I do then it’s definitely worth subscribing to this box. Everything is such great quality and it is just all so pretty. I just can’t wait to get the net months box.


If you do subscribe to this box then let me know what you thought of it? I would also love to know what subscription boxes you are subscribed to?

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Pokémon Hunting At Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo held a event the other day to raise money for their African Songbird appeal. In total they raised over £17,000 which is absolutely great! The idea of the event is that they let 3,500 people into the zoo after it was closed to find all the rare Pokémon that they have.


It only cost £5 per person to go to the event so it was cheap and cheerful! So we headed out to the zoo all super excited to catch some new Pokémon.

When the rules of the event were explained, everyone was informed that we probably wouldn’t see many animals since they would be all sleeping in their enclosures. That wasn’t the case though. There were so many animals just chilling outside for everyone to see. Honestly, I enjoyed seeing the animals more than catching Pokémon! Just look how pretty they all are..!


The zoo was completely filled with uncommon Pokémon that I usually wouldn’t be able to catch as I live in a little town.


Simon caught his first Golden and he was pretty happy about it! I caught about 7 of them but oh well, you can never have too many.

I finally got enough candy to get a Butterfree. Eeeek! It’s so adorable!!

I also got one of my absolutely favourite Pokémon ever, SlowPoke. As soon as I saw it, I got sooooo excited and needed it. I just feel like I am the human slow poke.

Apparently there was a Snorlax at the zoo but sadly, I didn’t catch it. That would be been super cool though!

I really hope that they do another Pokémon event soon. I will definitely be going!

I need to look up some more Pokémon Hunt events because I enjoyed this one so much. Have you ever been to a Pokémon hunting event?

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Top 10 Places To Buy Stationary

If you’re a fellow stationary lover then this post is for you! I’m pretty much a stationary hoarder. I buy way more than I actually use.

After searching far and wide to find the best places to buy stationary without making my bank account cry, I finally found some great little shops.

Top 5 Stationary Shops.jpg

1. Paperchase. This is pretty much where I buy all my favourite little bits and bobs from. They sell the cutest novelty erasers and I seem to have accumulated quite a few. Who could blame me though?! I’m sure you all want a puzzle eraser shaped like a seal.

2. The Journal Shop. I only recently found this shop online and I have been obsessed ever since. They sell the cutest washi tape. I already have maybe 100 rolls of washi tape but a girl can just never have too much tape.

3. Sticker Stack. If you’re looking for planners or diaries then you definitely need to head over to Sticker Stack.I’m also obsessed with their pencil cap sets. I mean… no one really needs a pencil cap but I want one anyway!

4. Quill London. I will admit that their stationary isn’t the cheapest but if you’re willing to spend a little bit more then you will end up with some stylish stationary.

5. Fox and Star. Once again, their stationary and planners aren’t the cheapest but they are so cute that if you don’t mind spending more money, they are worth it. I keep checking the calendar for payday so I can binge buy all the Fox And Star’s pens.

Where do you buy your stationary from? Have you ever bought anything from these stores before?

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Saying Goodbye To My Best Friend

A few days ago, I had to say goodbye to my best friend, Gizmo. He has been with me for 12 years and now it feels horrible knowing that there won’t be a year 13.


For a few months, Gizmo had been very ill. He was heavy breathing, not eating and not walking. He wasn’t himself and it was heartbreaking to see. So, a hard decision had to be made.

I still remember the first day that my mum bought him home. It was so tiny and cute! Every memory that I have with Gizmo, will never be forgotten.

Goodbye Gizmo, I’ll love you forever!

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My Top 5 Japanese and Korean Idol Bands

I absolutely adore J-Pop and K-Pop. My boyfriend can’t stand them but I shall forever continue to blast them at full volume while dancing around the house.

I love coming across new idol bands that I can check out but I do have a little list of my main favourites that I think you should definitely all check out.

Big Bang

Girls Generation




Do you have any favourite idols that you think I would like? If so, I would love to hear your recommendations. I always up for trying out new music!

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My Favourite YouTubers

I have been obsessed with watching YouTube videos recently. I found some new favourites which I can just binge watch for hours!

So let’s get onto the list..

Shane Dawson
The Gabbie Show
Meghan Rienks
Kelsey Ellison

If you’re looking to find some new interesting YouTubers then you should check out some from this post!

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My First Tattoo Experience

In total, I have had three tattoos but I actually only have two now. That would be because I hated my first tattoo so much that I just had to get it covered up!

I thought that I’d share the story of my first tattoo because maybe it would be cool.. or maybe not so cool.

For my 18th birthday, I wanted nothing more than a tattoo of an owl. I told my mum and she was happy for me to get it. The more I thought about it, I started to wuss out. It was such a big tattoo for my first time and I a complete wuss when it comes to pain.

After lots of Pinterest searching for inspiration, I decided to get two little tattoos instead. I settled for a little ‘cat and dog’ and a ‘camera’ tattoo.

So the day finally came for me to get my tattoos done and from the start, it was awful. My mum and I arrived at the tattoo studio and straight away they had no idea who I was or what time my appointment was. Luckily, I had my appointment card with me so I could prove that I had already paid and I had booked my appointment. The artist that I had booked with was no longer in the studio so I was quickly rushed to another guy. I kept being reassured that this new artist was just as good but I was slightly hesitant.

We went upstairs to get the tattoos and my legs started shaking from nerves. My pain tolerance is so low and I just really didn’t want to cry. I was trying to make small talk with the guy so that I could distract myself from the nerves.

It was obvious straight away that the guy was not interested in talking to me. He was completely silent and didn’t even smile once.

At this point, I was kind of worrying about getting the tattoo because my experience wasn’t going great so far. I decided to suck it up and just get the tattoo so that I could get out of there.

Finally, the tattoos were done and I liked them at first. They were very red so I struggled to see them properly but I thought that they were pretty cute.

When they started to heal, that’s when I saw how much I hated them. The camera was my absolute least favourite. It had some lines that were so much thicker than others. When I showed people, they weren’t even sure what it was. Most people thought that it looked like a car…

I was able to deal with the cat and the dog but I was just so ashamed of the camera. Pretty much straight away, I started looking for tattoos to cover it up with.

After almost a year of having these embarrassments on my skin, I headed to a different tattoo shop to get the camera covered up.

I won’t talk too much about that experience but let’s just say…. thank gosh that the camera is gone. That different tattoo studio was amazing and the tattooist was so lovely. He actually kept the studio open for me hours after closing time, just to do my tattoo at a convenient time for me.

Anyway, the car/camera is now gone and is covered with a beautiful dreamcatcher.

I think that if I’ve learnt something from this experience, it’s that if something feels wrong then I really shouldn’t do it. I should have known that the tattoo would have gone back since I had a bad feeling the whole time.

From now on, I shall be looking into the tattoo studio and artist a lot before getting tattoos.

It definitely hasn’t put me off getting tattoos though. I actually have another tattoo booked for November! Eeek, so excited!!

Has anyone else had a really bad tattoo experience?

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