Take A Chance Book

This morning, me and the boyfriend popped into the library. While strolling though the library, I came across the best thing ever..

20140207-094710 am.jpg

I had seen this on things like Twitter and Tumblr but my local library didn’t do it. As soon as I saw it, I rushed over to it.

If you don’t understand what it is, it’s where you take out a little package containing a book. You have no idea what the book is, it could be absolutely anything. By doing this, you could end up reading something completely different to what you usually do.

I think it is such a great idea. Personally, I usually end up reading books from the same genre. That is why I was so excited when I saw all the little packages lined up on a shelf.

I will do another blog post soon on the book I got and what I thought about it. So look out for that.

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